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Timeline History of Famhost

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History of Famhost

Since 1978

System Conceived in 1978
In 1978, Paul Farmer and his father decided to computerize their businesses. Paul had owned a coffee service company in Wichita KS since 1969 and his father, Paul Sr. had owned the Roto-Rooter franchise in Wichita since 1960. Jane Jantz (Paul's sister) was teaching computer technology at Wichita State University and programming at NCR. She decided to "retire" and raise a family. Back then, you couldn't buy very many computer programs, so she agreed to write the software for the two healthy and growing businesses.
A Labor of Love

The software became a labor of love and grew into a family affair. If "Little Paul" needed something special, he would get together with "Big Paul" and together they would get Jane to write it. Dad would hold a grandchild while Jane would program. Computers would be scattered in pieces around the office and mom would cry, "you're going to electrocute yourselves!" At midnight the spouses would pull the plugs and tell us to go to bed.

In 1985, "JaRay" (Jane and her husband Ray) was officially born. Ray was a hardware architect and figured out a way to interface caller-id into the program and set up a network system using SCO Zenix on "high powered" 386 computers. It was quite the deal. Paul sold his coffee business and went to work for the multi-national company that bought it and managed their branch operations through out the US and Canada. Dad continued to work with Jane growing the applications and kids. Other Roto-Rooter franchises started buying the system. Although Paul enjoyed purchasing and managing the branch operations, the travel was taking a toll with his family. He also missed the family computer operations.

The Next Level

In 1991, mom approached everyone with the idea of taking JaRay to the next step and offering it "for real" as a serious application. It took Paul almost a year to quit because of his speaking obligations, but in September of 1992, JaRay went to the next level. For two months it was a flurry of Ideas, dreams, and hopes; writing training manuals, and setting up marketing plans. Then dad had a heart attack and died Nov 8th. Although the pain and grief was almost unbearable, the family pulled together and supported each other. Our faith and love of God grew. With 8 siblings, the pain was divided and the joys multiplied. Grandchildren and great grandchildren kept coming. Jane and Paul helped mom manage the Roto-Rooter franchise and supported the current customers. We put the software marketing on hold. But the application continued to grow because we used it and needed it in the business.

Gradually more and more Roto-Rooter franchises found out about the program and purchased it. They also become like family to us and we helped them grow and manage their businesses. We cried when they lost loved ones and helped them market new business when times were slow. We helped them transition between generations. We've known and loved their families.

The "Cloud" Is Born
In 2001, we started hosting the application because some of the franchises were having problems with local computer techs and lost data because of improper backup procedures and dishonest employees. It worked so well, that we made a business decision that we would no longer sell the application to companies that wanted to host it on their own computer system. We wound up supporting the local networks and simply could not offer the level of support and products that we had developed on local systems. We had multiple servers doing different functions (gps, caller-id, scanning, security) and it was too costly for the customers to duplicate the systems. We had also achieved certifications with major wireless carriers, credit-card gateways, data warehouses, telephone companies and other partners to host their applications that could not be duplicated on individual company computers.
Famhost Becomes The Vehicle
On January 18, 2002 Mgmt TV Inc. dba Famhost was incorporated in the state of Kansas. It became the hosting vehicle to run the JaRay program. We've since added Linkwriter (wireless digital pen), GPS Cop (vehicle tracking and maintenance), and BizYak (corporate communications, caller-id, and call recording). Our clients include most major Roto-Rooter franchises, but we also serve other franchise systems, plumbing, hvac, health insurance, home health-care, transportation, and a myriad of other service businesses.


Data in "Real Time"

Famhost applications were developed for our own needs to run our own businesses. As fellow businesses joined us in our quest for excellence, they became like family members. We've helped some of our customers transition through two generations. We want to be considered as a valued partner to all of our customers. We don't wait for a problem or crises, but take a proactive replacement policy for our servers and new technologies.
Our experience in developing enterprise applications coupled with long term strategic relationships with major cellular, mapping, security, and data management companies enables us to be the "Go-To" solution for connecting real time data input with application servers. We believe in walking the talk and are always available to plan and support our customers as they grow their businesses.

Our Creative Team

We design circles around ourselves

All of the products for Famhost Apps are developed in the United States by Famhost employees. Emergency Support phones are answered 24x7 by employees. With over 100 years of combined experience supporting the JaRay application, most support instances are handled on the first call. Just dial 800-658-1676 and their extension.

Connect with Paul

Paul Farmer

co-Founder / CEO
Call x 157

Paul founded Mgmt.TV Inc., dba Famhost in 2002 to host the JaRay Program. Famhost was one of the first companies in the world to host a major enterprise application in the "cloud." Spearheading the integration of technology advances in GPS and mapping, real-time forms and mobile apps, phone and digital communications, as well as data security and storage management. Paul transformed Famhost into a state-of-the-art, "Go-To" solution for managing business data in "real time." He is a proven strategic entrepreneur, backed by over 40 years' experience in developing enterprise applications, leveraging long-term business partnerships and helping customers build their businesses. Paul is also experienced in performing business dispositions, having spent seven years evaluating distributorships / branches for buy, sell or liquidation direction. He cares deeply about people and is actively involved in the Wichita State University Center for Entrepreneurship in the areas of Family Business and student mentoring. He has served on both nonprofit and for profit boards including a Federal pre-release program for adult offenders and service industry associations. Paul and Shirley have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren.

Connect with Jane

Jane Jantz

co-Founder / Software Developer

Jane has a BS Degree in Computer Science from Wichita State University. She worked at the university as a scientific programmer and on the faculty in the Computer Science Dept. She left the university to work at NCR in Quality Assurance. Jane started writing the JaRay business management software in 1978 for her parents' Roto-Rooter® business. The software application has been in development now for almost 40 years, built on the ideas and needs from both our own businesses and all of our customers. The JaRay Business System provides a complete Service Business Management Solution (SBMS) and is currently used by service business companies across the United States and in Canada ranging from over 500 employees to one.

Connect with Ray

Ray Jantz

Software and Systems Architect

The "Ray" in JaRay has been more than just an encourager. Ray set up the original networks and caller-id system utilities that help SBMS interface to external systems, including mobile forms dispatch and receipt, credit card processing, and mail delivery. Ray has an MS degree in Computer Science from Wichita State University and worked in the computer storage industry for 37 years prior to retiring in 2012. His most recent industry employer was NetApp, a storage server company. Ray's industry experience includes operating systems, device driver development, web development, and authorship of several patents focusing on large-scale storage management in a networked environment.

Connect with Rick

Rick Klinge

Call x 153

Rick has over 25 years IT experience, with expertise in security, networks, hardware, and resource management. As Famhost CIO, he developed and integrated numerous applications utilized by the JaRay SBMS (Service Business Management System). He manages the proprietary security systems (at above industry standards) for all Famhost hosted and remote solutions. While in the United States Air Force, he served as the Computer System Security Officer for his squadron. He authored an asset management software program, utilized by the Pacific Air Forces 7th Air Force, and was instrumental in the successful completion of many high altitude experiments as well as team projects with the Joint Electronics Warfare Center, the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, and others. In 2015, Rick received the Wichita Business Journal CIO Award. He is a lifetime member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3115, a member of the American Legion Post 408, and a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans.

Connect with James

James Thorne

Sales and Marketing Director
Call x 175

James brings to Famhost almost 10 years of sales and marketing experience. He has a diverse background with national companies, large privately owned ventures, and a great understanding of the banking industry. James appreciates the importance of businesses that provide specialized service, and his goal is to make things as efficient and smooth as possible for their customers. James received his Bachelor's degree in business from Wichita State University with a focus on both Finance and Management - all while working full time! He is married, and has two little ones. James also assists at a local church as the ministry guide for youth and music.

Connect with John

John Mason

Director of Operations
Call x 158

John joined Famhost in January 2003. He directs Famhost department operations, overseeing customer relations, large-scale project management, technology migrations and vendor management. He also oversees technical support for all business operations, including network connectivity to servers / desktops / mobile devices to enable Famhost staff to assist our customers. John is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer also with A+/N+ Certifications. Pre-Famhost, John spent 5 years in the aerospace industry first with Boeing and then ending with Raytheon participating in an experimental project in the first complete composite fuselage aircraft, the Beechcraft Premier I. John and his wife Cheryl have two sons and one princess.

Connect with Glen

Glen Baker

Call x 159

Glen serves as Controller, overseeing the fiscal functions of the company, including the management of finances and filing financial reports. He also compiles and analyzes business performance information to assist the Famhost team in achieving business improvement targets. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting and economics from Wichita State University. He completed two years of study at the President's College School of Law and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. Prior to joining the Famhost team in 2009, his work experience included managing a certified public accounting practice and serving as the CFO of both a national construction/ engineering consulting firm and an aerospace manufacturer. Glen and his wife Lee have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

Connect with Cozette

Cozette Klinge

Communications Specialist
Call x 154

Cozette (Cozy) joined the Famhost Team in 2007. She has an extensive background in business communications and project management. She obtained her education in computer operations, accounting, and business management from Los Medanos and Diablo Valley colleges in the San Francisco Bay area. She has also worked in property management as well as the transportation industry. Cozette assists customers with the BizYak / Caller ID system, setting up phone numbers and training. She coordinates all customer training classes, including assisting with travel arrangements and accommodations. She is married to Rick, Famhost CIO.

Connect with Brian

Brian Kimmel

Software Engineer
Call x 151

Brian is a full-stack developer at Famhost with experience integrating new platforms with JaRay. He specializes in database application design and web based applications and leads the company’s software research and development activity. He manages Famhost’s Bizyak phone system, GPS deployments and Cloud integration. Brian has a BSc in computer engineering from Wichita State University.

Connect with Victor

Victor Anderson

Software Engineer

Victor is a software engineer at Famhost with over 30 years of software and database development experience. He works closely with Jane Jantz in all aspects of the JaRay software package and is bringing new development as well as ongoing maintenance to the team. His most recent experience was in Honolulu Hawaii as a senior software and database analyst for Kaiser Permanente, and has a wide range of other experience over the years. Currently residing in the Kansas City metro area, he has a passion for sports cars and currently drives a Lotus and is a long time member of the Alfa Romeo owners club.

Connect with Ron

Ron Mason

Software Support Manager
Call x 156

Ron has worked with Paul since the early 1970's. He does the training for all JaRay Business System functions including dispatching, invoicing and inventory and works closely with Jane. He has handled setup and the training of over 25 companies including employee commission rates and tax rates of states, counties and municipalities. He also handles the support calls for JaRay. While in the Air Force, Ron worked on instrument / avionics systems on the B-52's, KC-135's and C-97 aircraft. Ron also plays the guitar and writes songs. He is married to Catherine who is the office manager for Wichita Roto-Rooter®, has 4 children and 6 grandchildren.

Connect with Brad

Brad White

GPS Division Manager
Call x 155

Brad oversees Famhost’s GPS solutions channel. He is a certified Level II Technician with Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, OKI and NEC. With over 20 years’ experience installing and troubleshooting GPS systems, Brad is well qualified to ensure an effective and efficient running of GPS operations. He has completed over 200 GPS installations, and is available to Famhost customers for on-site and even on-job field support, as needed, to provide training assistance and trouble-shooting.

Connect with Cheryl

Cheryl Mason

Mobile Forms Specialist
Call x 160

Cheryl joined Famhost in March of 2015. She is part of our Digital Forms support staff. Cheryl assists customers in getting their devices and users added and configured for field deployment. Before coming to Famhost she worked predominantly in the aviation industry for airlines, with her last position being the Drug and Alcohol Program Coordinator for Air Midwest, a subsidiary of Mesa Airlines. She has also worked in Human Resources, Crew Resource Department maintaining over 600 pilot schedules, as well as the Warranties and Insurance fields, all within the airline industry. Cheryl and her husband John, have three children.

Connect with Sherry

Sherry Hoyt

Applications Developer

Sherry has been with Famhost since 2010. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Major in Information Systems and a Minor in Accounting from Emporia State University. With over thirty years in the field of Information Technology, her experience includes application programming and design, web design and development and project management. Prior to joining the Famhost team, Sherry worked at General Dynamics, Boeing, Cargill and as an Independent Consultant. Sherry resides in Andover, KS with her husband Ralph. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Connect with Melinda

Melinda Miller

Business Support Administrator
Call x 152

Melinda has been with Famhost since 2005. Experienced in using JaRay in a call center setting, she assists customers with call center set up and training. She serves as the company’s focal for user manuals and training aids to promote the use of JaRay best practices. She also supports other team members with project management, process improvements, and budget / tracking reports. Melinda has a versatile background of experience and education consisting of Cosmetology, an Associates of Applied Science with an emphasis on Medical Science, and holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. Outside of work, Melinda enjoys being a troop leader for Girl Scouts and is an active member of her church. She is married and has four children.

Connect with Brooke

Brooke Mueller

Customer Relations Specialist
Call x 169

Brooke has experience working with large aircraft and product sales companies in the Wichita area for over 10 years. She brings skills in the areas of sales, bids and contracts, customer relations, and business support. Brooke assists in the coordination of Famhost’s sales-related processes and customer interface. With her diverse background she is able to provide solutions satisfying customers’ needs to exceed their expectations. She graduated from Wichita State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. In her spare time she enjoys assisting the worship team and teaching children classes at her local church. She also volunteers as her HOA Secretary while her husband, David, volunteers with the neighborhood maintenance and grounds. Brooke and David have 2 children & 3 dogs.

Connect with Tim

Tim Garcia

Security Systems Specialist
Call x 167

Timothy has 14 years of training and hands on experience with security, electronics, inventory management and hardware manufacturing. While employed at Dillon's (Kroger) grocery store chain Tim received training in loss prevention methods and inventory management. While serving in the United States Marine Corp as an Ordnance Technician he led and managed delicate electronics and hardware under dangerous conditions. While in the military he studied advanced electronics and tracking under various programs. Timothy joined Famhost in 2012 to help manufacture GPS units. Timothy currently supports customers with GPS-enabled asset tracking and alerts.

Connect with Tom

Tom Farmer

Strategic Alignment Officer
Call x 164

Tom brings to Famhost over 30 years' business experience gained through management positions held in aerospace manufacturing, healthcare and the service industry. His blended business insight is based on a well-rounded foundation of education (Master's degrees in Management and Total Quality) as well as from leadership assignments in the areas of Industrial Engineering, Program Management, Operations, Marketing and Information Technology. He is a senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a professional affiliation he has held for over 20 years. Tom specializes in Customer-focused Strategic Planning, Process Management and Team Building. Tom and his wife, Deanna, have four children and reside in Wichita, Kansas.

Connect with Andrew

Andrew Mason

Forms Developer
Call x 172

Andrew joined Famhost in November of 2016. He is part of our forms development team with duties ranging from device installation support to the actual coding of the forms. Andrew also assists customers with mobile forms set-up and implementation. Andrew has 4 years of customer communications and relations working in a restaurant environment. He is pursuing his Associates of Science degree and intends to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering afterward. Andrew is the son of John and Cheryl Mason.

Connect with Kaleb

Kaleb Mills

Forms Developer
Call x 173

Kaleb joined Famhost in November 2016. He is currently on track to complete his Associates of Science in IT Essentials in 2017. Kaleb then plans to further his knowledge by pursuing a Computer Science degree and Police Science degree. As a member of the Famhost mobile forms development team, Kaleb will assist customers with field connectivity, coding, and designing forms.

Connect with Ron

Ron Nibbelink

Software Engineer
Call x 171

Ron Nibbelink comes to Famhost with 30+ years of experience in software design and development. Ron is highly skilled in designing systems for managing workflow and improving business processes. He has built numerous comprehensive and powerful, yet easy to use, applications for improving quality across organizations within a large aerospace company. Ron also specializes in solutions that provide business intelligence - insightful success metrics and analytics to help business owners focus on opportunities for improving quality, profitability, and growth. He looks forward to helping customers leverage their data to uncover and focus on business improvements that matter most.

Connect with Jackie

Jackie Chan

Analytics and Support
Call x 176

Jackie joined the team on December 2016. Her main focus at FamHost is the development of Famalytics and Real Time Forms. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree at Wichita State University. Her major is Mathematics with an emphasis in Statistics and is also double minoring in General Business and Economics. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her nephew and five nieces.

Connect with Jacob

Jacob Forster

Technical Support
Call x 177

Jacob Forster joined Famhost in January 2018. Jacob provides customer technical support for our hosted applications. Before working at Famhost, Jacob provided IT support for St. Patrick Catholic School. At St. Patrick's, he managed the computer lab and maintained the school's iPad resources. Jacob began his IT education in 2015 with Computer Science courses at Wichita State University. In 2017, he transferred to WATC and is continuing toward his Associate's degree in Information Technology Systems. In his spare time, he volunteers to maintain the St. Patrick Church and School website.

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