Paperless File

Document Management System

One of the applications we created for JaRay was the "CloudLink it" program which enabled us to scan documents, take photos, create bids, and attach permits, spreadsheets, and other documents to the customer record. We also built a way to assign a "rights" level to the document so that only users with the proper clearance could see, export, or print the document. The Paperless File program is CloudLink it on steroids.  Think of all the ways information comes into an office: email, fax (yes, some people still us it}, phone calls, texting and mail. Once that information arrives, it tends to be stored in a variety of places causing silos of unstructured data. These documents make it difficult for organizations to process, access and secure the information. We are developing a turn-key document management system to help you manage all your documents easily and efficiently.

Most CRMs and ERPs enable you to attach invoices, photos, permits and other documents to job sites. But we live in a litigious society. There are also human resource needs. Did we get the necessary files for each employee? Did we miss some I9's? Can you search across folders of all employees to see who you missed? Can you look up a file by either the vendor, property manager, or customer job site? How about Osha, sales tax, environmental regulations, wage and hour? It's not getting any easier. 

Have you ever lost a document you really needed?  According to PriceWaterhouseCooper, finding a lost document will cost a company $122 on average. They also estimate that 7.5% of all company documents are lost - permanently. Assume your company works with 10,000 documents – an extremely small figure – that means 750 of those documents are doomed, ultimately costing your company over $91,000. 

With a web-based document management system, a user will typically have some sort of built-in workflow to help them streamline their business procedures by eliminating the more monotonous tasks. With a rules-based workflow, you can create processes that coordinate between people, applications and services. Your documents can be seamlessly routed, reviewed and quickly approved. We have successfully integrated our GPS tracking system into ServiceTitan and are looking to integrate the paperless file system into ServiceTitan and Famhost Realmail to make you even more efficient. Collaboration between employees or departments is simplified creating a more efficient, effective workplace.


The Paperless File System is in use and available as a standard document management solution now. 

We are currently evaluating and planning our ServiceTitan integration. If you would like more information or would like a demo, just click the button below and let's talk about it.