Introducing... Real Mail

Send Mail in 4 Easy Steps, Without Lifting More Than Your Index Finger.


Just type, or upload a PDF


Tell us who will receive it. (Unless it's already on there.)


We'll print, fold, stuff and stamp your mail.


We'll give your mail to our friends at the USPS.

The case for smail (snail mail).

How many emails did you receive today?
Don't worry, we lost count too.

How many pieces of mail did you receive today?
Far fewer, we imagine.

Smail Mail - Real Mail Delivered by USPS - has a 70% Greater Impact than Email!

Snail mail - real mail delivered by USPS - has a 70%greater impact than email. That's why it's making its way back into the vernacular of businesses and savvy marketers.

When your message MUST reach your audience, it's best to smail it. And with Famhost Real Mail, sending smail is fast, secure and as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

Screenshot of Famhost Real Mail
  • Invoice & Statements
  • Single Letters
  • Document To List
  • Certified
  • Create Tax Documents
  • Postcards
  • Much More
Screenshot of Famhost Real Mail
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